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Purple Autumn (PTU) - Tutorial by Ka Dismal (PTU)


Meu mais novo tutorial para o S&CO CT.


Tutorial Purple Autumn
By Ka Dismal 2016  

With the beautiful scrapkit “Purple Autumn” by  Rieneke Designs:

And the amazing tube “Purple Autumn” by Danny Lee:

Font and Mask your choice
Cluster Frame by Ka Dismal

Open a new image 600 x 550 pixels with a white background.
Add a new layer and select all. Open Paper 1, copy and past into selection. Deselect. Apply the mask you prefer. Merge Group.
Open the Element 50. Copy and past as new layer. Move to the bottom of the tag. Duplicated. Apply Flip and Mirror.
Open the cluster frame provided at the end of the tutorial. Copy and past as new layer.
Open the elements you prefer. I used Elements 21, 22, 37 and 40.
Place your tube where you want.
Select the face of the tube and Apply for back to the frame.
Apply your name, credits and sign.
Close the white background and save a PNG format.

Have fun!!


Clique no preview para ver a frame em tamanho real,
depois salve e delete os créditos para o uso:

Click in the preview to see the full size frame,
then save and delete the credits for use:


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  1. Gorgeous frame Karina!! Thanks so much for sharing hun. I have that Danny Lee tube so this frame will go right with it. hugzzz:)